The World Calendar setup includes The World Calendar JPEG Image.
The World Calendar Description Text below the JPEG image officially describes it.

JPEG Image of The World Calendar:

The WorldCalendar as jpec image.  See the accompanying official discription

The World Calendar Description Text
In this improved calendar every year is the same.
The quarters are equal: each has exactly
91 days, 13 weeks or 3 months.
The four quarters are identical in form with an
ordered variation within the three months.
The three months have 31,30, 30 days respectively.
Each month has 26 weekdays, plus Sundays.
Each year begins on Sunday, 1 January;
each working year begins on Monday, 2 January.
Each quarter begins on Sunday, ends on Saturday.
The calendar is stabilized and made perpetual
by ending the year with a 365th day following
30 December each year.  This additional day is 
   dated ‘W’, which equals 31 December, and
called Worldsday, a year-end world holiday.
Leapyear Day is similarly added at the end of
the second quarter.  It is likewise dated ‘W’,
which equals 31 June, and called Leapyear Day,
another world holiday in leap years.