TWCA has changed substantially from its earliest days
in order to continue its efforts to promote
The World Calendar.

FIFTY YEARS AGO, near the beginning of 1956, The World Calendar Association - International slipped into relative dormancy after twenty-five years of actively seeking calendar reform. It was a well-documented attempt and the inspirational words of thousands of dedicated supporters of The World Calendar now give guidance to The World Calendar in 2012.

The World Calendar Association today confronts the same burdensome Gregorian calendar as did the ancestors of our our ancestors. TWCA's previous attempts to replace it were but practice runs for applying the lessons learned.

First and primarily, while the world is still learning about and discussing The World Calendar idea, we have have started working towards a unanimously recognizable "top of the hour" 2012 deadline. Debate about schedule would otherwise unnecessarily distract from the preparation. "Shouldn't our calendar be as simple as our clock?"

Another lesson from the first half of last century is that a project of this magnitude faced challenges that it could not fully recognize or overcome. Today, The World Calendar Association realizes that a majority of the world's population last century did not even hear about The World Calendar. Simultaneous awareness of The World Calendar idea by a substantial majority of people living at the same time is necessary and the next achievable step towards adopting The World Calendar in 2012.

Big and best ideas don't just come out of nowhere, but implementation emerges quickly when individuals at every level within society and government decide to share that idea with each other. Everyone finds benefits in not waiting and the resulting sense of expectation is vital to progress. Sharing personal agreement with The World Calendar in 2012 is the most important thing everyone can do.

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