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In The Elisabeth Achelis Story , Molly E. K. McGrath, former director of the The World Calendar Association - International (October 2000 - February 2005) tells the incredible saga of how her distant relative Elisabeth Achelis came to be the most influential crusader for calendar improvement in the twentieth century.

TWCA is saddened to learn and convey news of the recent passing of former TWCA Director(1991-2000) Norman C. Lindhjem.
As noted by former Director
Molly E. K. McGrath, we draw somespecial comfort from the fact that he died on
December 31, 2008--Worldsday.
His daughter Karen survives. We express our appreciation
for the years he spent enthusiastically carrying the torch for
The World Calendar, which would not be on track for eventual implementation without his dedication.

In The World Calendar Association in 2000: A Changing of the Guard, Molly E. K. McGrath writes of her trip to Oregon in October 2000 where she met then director Norman C. Lindhjem and reviewed plans for the future of The World Calendar. She deserves special thanks for revitalizing TWCA by providing its first Internet presence.




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