Image describes how the first two months of 2012 (Gregorian) and The World Calendar are alike and that memorizing TWC allows use of it from memory in practice.
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"The World Calendar will become the world’s next main calendar after enough people memorize it and personally understand the advantages of a 12-month memorizable calendar.

The timing of TWC implementation is a function of ‘enough’ people. ‘Enough’ will be recognizable by results." -- from:
WHY 2017(2023)
for The World Calendar


it with the current/confusing Gregorian calendar. Share this MEMORIZE TWC goal each year with a minimum of two people who want to do the same.

No dues or registrations.
Just a lot of people recognizing personal responsibility!

Each time you need to find a Gregorian calendar, also use that time to PRACTICE using The World Calendar from memory. (Example: Need to associate a month and day with the day of week.) This exercise helps increase your personal comfort level with TWC and allows your brain to join others who are doing the exact same thing. As an idea whose time has come, silent rehearsal of TWC's mental advantage will eventually join recognition that the non-memorizable Gregorian calendar keeps us stuck and unable to approach full potential. That's when the significance of sharing memorizable advantages of The World Calendar connects to the broader acknowledgement that this is an active path to actual implementation.

More details about how to approach this is developing @






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Last updated 30 March 2012