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From Library Stacks to Internet!

Between 1930 - 1955, The World Calendar Association and its founder Elisabeth Achelis published and distributed the quarterly Journal of Calendar Reform throughout the world. Editorials, articles, letters, speech transcripts, endorsements and historical information joined updates and developments in the effort to start using The World Calendar at the earliest date possible.

Among the multitude of calendar topics discussed, lucid conclusions developed. Printing presses, however, were not sufficient to share them with the enormous number of people who must simultaneously be part of a project as vast as calendar reform.

Need for for a more efficient calendar waited another fifty years while communication technology was both invented and improved. The world, at last, can now adequately consider The World Calendar for the very first time. As convincing Journal of Calendar Reform perspective transfers out of the library stacks and onto the Internet, it helps spread understanding renew well written reasons why The World Calendar will eventually be seen and understood to be the best choice replacement for current confusion.

Journal of Calendar Reform entries from 1930 - 1955

Additionally, newer (since 1955 and especially between 2006 and 2012) written inspirations can find a gathering point here:

Journal of Calendar Reform entries from 1955 - 2012




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