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Catching up,1 of 2 - Catching up, 2 of 2* (Posted 6 March 2013)


How can any civilized world achieve world peace while its main calendar battles with everyone who uses it?

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If we can watch news happening live around the world and around other planets within minutes, certainly we can change to a better calendar this generation!

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We hear of On-This-Date anniversaries after a year or hundreds of years, but often minus the day of the week. Without research or extensive computation, that has been lost. As soon as The World Calendar is implemented, events gain exacting significance with observances on the same day of the week. It's amazing that we have given that so little thought when making such a big deal over them?

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The same things that make calendar change so formidable also make it absolutely too good to again let pass us by. Calendar affects everybody who uses it and to consider that a better calendar is available offers potential to improve daily living – whatever that concept includes. Calendar reform challenges many beliefs. Some will be put aside and others confirmed.

“The only thing to fear is FEAR OF SELF"


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As 2012 approaches, some people are using it to spread their own fears with predictions of doom and destruction.  When no such extreme negativity arrives, as in 2000, end-of-world scenarios will simply move out — again. They’ll pick another date on which to focus their worries and continue distracting the rest of us from escaping their endless loop.  

But enough with nebulous!  What is out of our control will come to pass and what we’re able to do can happen if we choose. 

Our unanimous, memorizable clock connects Earth with a consciousness and unity that the current Gregorian calendar and its predecessors have not. Individuals who internalize a memorizable calendar -like a clock- easily recognize potential and advances emanating from it. Eventual reform to a simpler perpetual calendar will come about sometime after enough people memorize The World Calendar.  No other project that we can undertake in our life time offers both short term advantages and ‘beyond imagination’ possibilities for future generations.  
(9 March 2011 revision of 28 March 2008 post)

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As soon as the world decides and predetermines a 1 January conversion year for The World Calendar, visualization of and planning towards any date thereafter becomes immediately and consistently easier, with or without a physical version of calendar, eyes open or closed. After TWC becomes the world’s calendar and the means to simpler documentation and memories are in place, less complicated access to past simultaneously accumulates day by day.
(Posted 17 September 2008)


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“Grandpa, Daddy said when he was little like me he used miles per gallon to move around. What’s a miles per gallon?” “Oh, what a memory! I’m glad we’re past that, but it was something we did before knowing any better. For fun, since we don’t burn much of anything now, let’s Google MPG.” (Posted 13 December 2008)

Forget MPG NASA, SpaceX et al JPEG

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President Obama giving speeck, closed captions show

". . .as a people"
(Posted 22 May 2009/Revised 17 December 2012)
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The World Calendar is accurate and perpetual but TWCA challenges the world to also judge calendar alternatives in terms of ease of application. TWC, like a clock, is simple enough to memorize and use, eyes open or eyes closed, without a physical crutch —printed, electronic or otherwise. We do not forget that the calendar is an accumulation of thoughts about time. As long as our primary calendar hinders its own use — as when we seek or do not have access to the required physical copy needed to plan past next week— we’ll continue to ignore our choice to remain stuck.

Much has changed since the 1950s. Limited reasoning that prevailed during that period will not optimally improve our future, no matter how many times it is used to validate the endless search for a different approach that is better than The World Calendar. Awareness of consciousness has increased along with growing knowledge of the universe. A replacement for the Gregorian calendar should not ignore the extreme advantages of sustainability that a memorizable calendar includes.
(Posted 4 March 2010) // EXPANDED 24 June 2010)
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* Place holder for narrative entry, to post March 2013.

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The Depth of Lost

The 2012 PBS NOVA four-part series 'The Fabric of the Cosmos' deals with space, time, quantum physics, universe and the possibility of 'multiverses'.  Among the facts and theories, transcripts confirm that CLOCK was mentioned 25 times and CALENDAR was not referenced at all.  CLOCK 25, CALENDAR 0.  

Keeping in mind that theories precede and substitute for answers among unknowns and that humans have just these two methods of tracking time, this imbalance that completely ignores calendar opens questions. Are current answers completely correct among so many unsolved mysteries? Are the theories headed in the best possible direction?  Can conclusions of science and religion eventually unite by broadening their scopes of inquiry?  

We can do more to better access infinity.  Memorizable 12-month calendar is another unanimous human step beyond ignorance that brings technology additional ability to exceed institutionalized infrastructure of current imagination. The Depth of Lost, however, is especially elusive when recorded history shows that we’ve always been stuck. (Posted 7 March 2013)

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TWCA is open to comparing the merits of other 12-month memorizable calendars - should they exist - for replacing the confusing Gregorian calendar. The Gregorian calendar replacement will be simple enough to be mentally accessible, not a continuation of physically bound complexity.

Posted 8 October 2011 from a TWCA e-mail sent 1 October 2011


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If you're holding Gregorian
calendar complications against
The World Calendar,
please reconsider. . .

Posted 19 October 2011

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Here’s the logic of memorizable calendar.  We don’t understand everything and keep looking.  Progress is slow, within spans of centuries and millennia.  That’s waking.  Comprehending sleep, eyes closed - that’s a different pace for a similar period, like relatively next to zero progress.  Eyes closed and sleep experience may be approximately half our lives unanimously but a tiny speck in the before birth and after death universe. So just how can waking claims to overall wisdom be so persuasive as to rule masses when access to infinite mind is in any way, in a massive way, blocked?

--Written 30 December 2012 Waking / Posted 19 January 2013

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. . . anyone incorrectly gets an idea that TWCA supports any calendar but The World Calendar, look here and here. Other than The World Calendar, a 13-month calendar is the only other fully memorizable calendar BUT the baggage is too great.  For a calendar reform choice to be viable, criteria must include 'Least change for most benefit'. TWC fits.

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Through 2012, bits and pieces came together and simplified enough to share concisely.  It’s about more than the broadly vague clichés “Dream the impossible” and “I can do anything I compel my mind to if I work at it hard enough.”  It IS about dream beyond waking imagination and BRINGING BACK SOMETHING USEFUL. The key is fixing a unanimous eyes open and eyes closed predicament: inability to use current Gregorian calendar without a physical crutch — paper, electronic or otherwise. This demonstrable waking vulnerability does not translate into dream ability.  A memorizable waking calendar, however, has potential to transform eyes closed day dreaming and sleep dreaming usability – like a clock. 

The off-on is transformational.  Understanding that quality promotes TWC better than any of the excuses alleged against it and, in fact, better than many of the other reasons for it.  Success will not be forcing belief on those who might still now oppose The World Calendar. Success will be convincing enough of those who resist that not resisting is better.

--Written 25 December 2012/Revised/ / Posted 7 Feb. 2013
/Revised 11 Feb. 2013



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28 June 2013 The birthday question ---maybe not yet posted anywhere . . . ?

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