A Culture Change on Climate Change
Tuesday, 19th May, 2009


@ 13:37 - 15:21
' Ending our dependence on oil, indeed,
ending our dependence on fossil fuels,
represents perhaps the most difficult challenge we have ever
faced - not as a party, not as a set of separate interests,
but as a people. '

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A worthy path beyond 'ending our dependence on fossil fuels' (President Obama, 19th May 2009, above) extends to a burn-free energy environment but it will not be sufficiently sought until the goal is set. Then, conversion of non-transportation oil-based product manufacturing will also be part of the transition. So see a 'Burn-free Energy by 2100' goal as one step towards many better results, not all yet imagined or imaginable now.


As a memorizable replacement to the Gregorian calendar, The World Calendar allows fuller application of the unanimous imagination tool that transforms aspiration into reality. Relevant context to burn-free energy is that any new generation using The World Calendar might not comprehend how the current burden was both permitted and ignored.

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